About Uniting for Peace

The Uniting Church is a peacemaking church. The Church's vision is for a world where there is no need for military arms and weapons.

We hope for a world where conflict is resolved through peaceful means and where people and nations live together in dignity and hope, respecting each other's cultural and religious traditions and relating to each other as loving neighbours whose future is shared. This hope is based in the understanding that God came in the crucified and risen Christ to make peace and that God calls all Christians to be peacemakers, to save life, to heal and love their neighbours.

The Uniting Church believes that true justice and peace can only be achieved through means that do not consist of violence, nor perpetuate the cycle of violence. UnitingJustice supports, and urges the Australian Government to support, the international mechanisms for dismantling the global culture of violence and for building a culture of peace and justice. These mechanisms include the United Nations and the nuclear non-proliferation multilateral bodies.