UCA Statements

Assembly Key Directions

09 July 2003
03.43  Assembly Key Directions

The Assembly undertook a series of discussions in community working groups and in plenary sessions in order to discern God’s call on the Assembly at this time.

At the conclusion of this process the Assembly resolved:

  1. to commit itself, its agencies and committees to continue to explore and model theologically disciplined and collaborative ways of working; and to shape and prioritise the Assembly work for the next triennium in light of the following key directions:
  1. Exploring, developing and expressing new ways of being the national church;
  1. Creating, building and nurturing “gospel community” in Australia with particular attention to the Church’s commitment to justice, reconciliation, peace and relations with other faiths;
  1. Strengthening the prophetic voice of the Assembly addressing national issues and helping local congregations and groups to link with national issues at local level;
  1. Supporting and enabling the Church to live in unity with diversity;
  1. Developing contextually appropriate ministry models;
  1. Strengthening its missional focus with particular attention to what this means for the service and advocacy work of the Assembly, discipleship opportunities and critiquing society;
  1. Equipping people and communities for growth in the life of the Christian faith with particular attention to forming new disciples and identifying new leaders;
  1. Continuing to walk together with the Uniting Aboriginal and Islander Christian Congress, ecumenical partners, and churches in other countries; and

to refer this resolution, together with material prepared by Community Working Groups and the Facilitation Group, to the Standing Committee and the General Secretary for implementation.