The Uniting Church today expressed its disappointment at the Government's handling of its counter-terrorism, Welfare to Work and workplace relations changes.

Uniting Church President, Rev Dr Dean Drayton has responded to criticism of his participation in the Workplace Relations debate by Senator Santo Santoro by reminding him that Uniting Church has always been on the side of justice and equity particularly for the poor and the marginalised.

 "Domestic and sexual violence devastates the lives of women in Australia and in countries around the world. White Ribbon Day provides a unique opportunity for all of us to show that we believe violence against women is unacceptable and that we stand with those women who have suffered physical, sexual and psychological abuse." Rev Dr Dean Drayton, Uniting Church President.

The Federal Government's anti-terror legislation puts Australia on a dangerous path according to the Uniting Church President, the Reverend Dr Dean Drayton.

"We are concerned the Government has failed to allow adequate time for public discussion and debate about the proposed laws. It is unacceptable that the community is being told to accept measures that radically curtail civil liberties without widespread and substantial consultation."

The Uniting Church believes that human life is God given from the beginning. We believe that all human beings are made in the image of God and that we are called to respect the sacredness of life.

The Uniting Church today called on Australians to carefully consider their vote before casting it this Saturday to ensure it reflected the values and standards they expected from politicians.

President, Rev Dr Dean Drayton, said that throughout the election the Uniting Church has been calling for policies that ensure justice for all.

National President, Rev Dr Dean Drayton, said both parties had dished out election sweeteners during the last few weeks but neither had recognised the need to support all students in all schools.

"The handouts being offered by both parties lack a vision for the education of future generations. They focus on funding to particular types of schools and not on how we ensure that a high quality education is available to all children."

The financial, physical and emotional survival of rural and remote Australia requires a commitment to a comprehensive long-term national strategy for economic regeneration in the bush the Uniting Church said today.

Flexible, affordable child care should be a priority of the next Federal Government to ensure all families are able to balance the needs of work and family life.

Uniting Church National President, Rev Dr Dean Drayton, said the Church wanted to see a child-centred approach to children's services that focuses on what is in the best interest of children and recognised their developmental, spiritual and social needs.

End Global Poverty

22 September 2004

The Uniting Church believes that it is time for the issue of global poverty to make a splash in this election campaign. "We do our country's future no good while we continue to play around the edges of ending global poverty," Uniting Church President, Rev Dr Dean Drayton said today.

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