Voting for a Just Society

17 June 2013
Voting for a Just Society

UnitingJustice, a unit of the Uniting Church in Australia Assembly, has publicly launched its Federal Election resource, A Just Society: Your Faith, Your Voice, Your Vote in Canberra this week.

Rev. Elenie Poulos, National Director of UnitingJustice, said that the resource is an expression of Christian faith and hope, focussing on the good of all people and the planet.

"This resource is a call for all Christians to raise their voice and share in the Church's vision for a just society. As Christians, we have a responsibility to think carefully and cast our vote with the needs of the most vulnerable in mind."

A Just Society is an invitation to Uniting Church members and others to consider the values which underpin the policies of political parties and candidates in the upcoming election. It contains materials to assist Church members in identifying the important issues facing Australia, and invites them to listen to politicians and political parties with discernment.

The resources include a range of issues papers and hot issues briefs on topics including asylum seekers, aged care, climate change and human rights as well as an election toolkit with ideas for how to get actively involved in the local community and with local candidates.

"This is a time when many are disappointed in the lack of vision and passion in the current political climate," said Rev. Poulos.

"As Christian voters we can make an impact before, during and after the election – sharing and working for a vision for the future of our country that arises out of a deep and abiding Christian hope."

"We seek a country that lives out its concern for those who live in poverty and those are sick and isolated. We hope for a country which is built on compassion and generosity and where all people are treated with dignity and respect. Now is the time to remind our political leaders that we care about these things."

UnitingJustice is the justice policy and advocacy unit of the Assembly of the Uniting Church in Australia, working on issues of social and economic justice, human rights, peace and the environment. It supports the Church in its response to contemporary social and political concerns and is an expression of the commitment of the Assembly to engage in public life as it seeks to live out the gospel in the world.

The 2013 election resources can be found online at

14 June 2013