The President of the Uniting Church in Australia Stuart McMillan has encouraged Uniting Church congregations around the country to make their voices heard during the 2016 Federal Election campaign.

Rev Elenie Poulos, National Director, UnitingJustice Australia has been included in Who Speaks for and Protects the Public Interest in Australia?, a book of essays by notable Australians launched in Canberra on 26 February.

Elenie’s essay discusses how the values of a decent society must influence policy decisions made in the public interest.

“The concerns of groups and individuals who are marginalised in society, who struggle to be seen let alone have their voices heard, are exactly those we must listen to if we are truly interested in policy reform in the public interest. It is only by allowing ourselves to be confronted by those who suffer as a result of the way things are, that we will understand what truly is in the public interest. For the values of neoliberalism do not serve the wellbeing of our societies. They promote inequity, breed isolation and fracture social cohesion.”

For further information, or to order a copy of Who Speaks for and Protects the Public Interest in Australia? go to the Australia21 website

UnitingJustice, a unit of the Uniting Church in Australia Assembly, has publicly launched its Federal Election resource, A Just Society: Your Faith, Your Voice, Your Vote in Canberra this week.

The Uniting Church in Australia 2013 Federal Election resource is now available and is making its way to presbyteries and congregations around the country.


The Uniting Church in Australia has congratulated Julia Gillard at forming government.

President of the Uniting Church in Australia, Rev. Alistair Macrae said ‘This is a hard won election and the clear message from the Australian people is that we want principled and consultative leadership from the new government and all parliamentarians.'


Rev. Alistair Macrae, President of the National Assembly of the Uniting Church in Australia, has today called on Uniting Church people to consider their vote carefully and prayerfully this Saturday. 

Rev. Macrae said “In an election campaign dominated by sound bites and negative campaigning, I urge Uniting Church people to resist thinking small and instead, think big. This is a time for us to reflect deeply on the kind of Australia we want to be. We need to ask ourselves how the policies outlined by each of the parties and candidates speak to the core social values of the gospel: justice, peace, compassion and hope."

The Uniting Church in Australia has congratulated Australia’s first female Prime Minister, Ms Julia Gillard.

Despite walking this earth 2,000 years ago, Jesus Christ continues to make more impact for good on people in the world today than any other human being.

The Uniting Church in Australia has today expressed support for the Muslim community in Sydney following a meeting last night by some 900 people opposed to a proposed Islamic school in the south-west.

Following careful, and prayerful reflection and discernment the Uniting Church's 250 member National Assembly has been unable to come to one mind on the issue of accepting into leadership positions those living in committed same-gender relationships.

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