Manifesto on change for asylum seekers

22 September 2015
Manifesto on change for asylum seekers Photo: PJCross /

Uniting Justice National Director Rev. Elenie Poulos and Uniting Church in Australia President Stuart McMillan were two of 230 signatories on a citizens manifesto calling for changes to Australia's asylum seeker policy. The statement seeks policies based on humanitarian principles, calls for an end to locking away innocent men women and children, and envisions a country that sees asylum seekers as an opportunity not a problem.

"Citizens for Change on Asylum Seekers (CCAS) implores our politicians to give us leadership on the issue of refugees and asylum seekers. Community opinion has moved on and wants policies driven by humanitarian imperatives rather than the electoral needs of domestic politics." said the statement. 
"The time is right to recognize there is a powerful movement of citizens from all walks of life who, regardless of their political persuasion, want an approach that promotes the true values of Australians."